Feisty Feathers
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E-mail me or check online for current availability. Prices subject to change. Weaned birds are usually sold in small groups to my retail customers, so it is best to reserve a chick if you're looking for a specific color.

Last Updated: 06/05/2004

Handfed Cockatiel Price Species/Color Price
Normal, Pied, Pearl, Cinnamon Pearl, Cinnamon (forground) $50 Budgie (various colors) $10-15
Lutino, Cinnamon Pearl Pied $60 Budgie, handfed ($15 deposit may be required) $30
Whiteface, Whiteface/Pied $70 Indian Ringneck, handfed, blue $250
Whiteface Pearl (left), Cinnamon or Pied $80 Red-fronted Kakariki (handfed or parent-raised) $150
Cockatiel, parent-raised Handfed price less $15 Scarlet-chested parakeet $150

Feisty Feathers
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