Let Me Introduce You to My Flock...

The Pets:

Confetti is my green-cheeked conure. She's about three years old. I got her for Christmas one year. She's one out of my three pet birds. I named her this becaue she loves to shred paper.

Confetti shows what she thinks of those stupid Teen
 magazines. Confetti

Toast has her own story elsewhere.

Yellow Bird is my lutino ringneck. She doesn't really have a name, I just call her "yellow bird." Normally I wait until a name just hits me. I hate naming an animal first thing only to start calling them something totally different. With her no name ever really came to me. Oh well. I purchased her from my friend Jaynee Salan, who established the pied mutation Indian Ringneck. Originally I was only handfeeding her for Jaynee but I ended up buying her. Like many of my handfeds, she went to school with me during the day. At times I had up to 7 birds hanging out with me in Ms. Castro's art class.

Canuk is my dorky duck. My aunt Lin once brought one of her injured ducklings to a family reunion. It had been beaten up by a crow and had sustained massive head injuries. I offered to take it off her hands, but sadly it died the next day. Since I was now set on having a duck, she let me have one of the healthy chicks. Canuk slept with me as a baby, and liked to crawl on top of my chest and breathe right in my face. She squirt everywhere, and my dad made me stick her out back when she got older. Once when she was still small, my sister was eating breakfast with her on the table. Kelly was called out of the room for a minute and when she returned she found Canuk swimming around in her Fruit Loops, trying without success to swallow them.

Baby Canuk

My Breeders

Pictured:  Tootsie, Mr. Greenjeans,
 Salsa, Joe, Turque, Cinnabird, Spice, Pepe, 3 button quail and a misc. baby budgie hen.

Chipper is my head male. I bought him with my grandpa and afterwards we went to pick up MacDonalds. Chipper was in a paper bag and he started chattering away while we were giving our order (got some weird looks from the cashier). When I first released all my budgies into their brand new aviary, he flew to a loan perch and, facing everybody, started giving an elaborate speech. Occationaly he flew right up to someone in his audience and chattered to them to get his point across.

Maggie is Chipper's wife. She hates everybody and is territorial. She decided to claim all the nestboxes for herself and would chase everyone away from them. Unable to fly, she is now kept in a smaller cage which prevents her from injury.

Pepe is the son of the above two. His colors aren't anything special to me, but I kept him anyway just because he has so much personality. He was handfed by me and is fearless. Accompanied by his wife Spice, also handfed, he inspects all people entering the aviary.

Tootsie & Melonie are my cockatiels. Both were handfed, Tootsie being a former pet. They are excellent parents and I often use them to foster my kakariki's chicks.

Alvin & Alicia were my original pair of kakarikis. Alvin died last year of aspergillosis and Alicia is now paired with Rocket. I haven't had a chance to test breed them yet.

Alvin with son Bob

Of course I have many others, but these are the few I'm closer too.

Feisty Feathers

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