Stupid Stuff my Duck Does

Why do I have a duck despite the fact that she's loud and squirts all over the place? Because of all the amusing things she does!

I have a dorky duck I got from my aunt (see A Tribute to Lin's Chicken). Here's a list of strange things she does.

Swims around in circles in her pool like a kid in a bathtub.

Eats dirt.

Chases the rabbit and trys to eat her tail.

Always has a smile on her face.

Likes to sit on your chest and breathe really loud in your face.

Disappears at night and doesn't reappear until about 10:00 the next morning. I still don't know where she goes.


Trys to run and ends up falling on her face.

Eats dog food.

Likes swimming in cereal.

Sniffs around by my aviary and gets feathers up her nose.

Feisty Feathers

Don't you want a duck now?

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