Parasites aren't something all that common to birds. While ticks, worms and fleas plague outdoor dogs and cats, birds are usually completely free of such annoyances. However, there are a few kinds of parasites which prey on birds that you should be aware of.

Scaley Mites
What they are: Mites that burrow into the skin around the beak and feet, causing a crusty appearance. A beak that starts to grow uncontrollably fast and begins to look really crusty is almost a dead giveaway that your bird has scaley face mites. It is most commonly found in budgies.

How to get rid of them: A quick trip to the vet. There is a simple, inexpensive drug that can get rid of it. As for the beak, it may need to be trimmed and filed back into shape.

What they are: Roundworms aren't the only type of worm parasite your bird can get. Most often the cause is aviaries with dirt floors. If your flights have dirt floors or your birds have access to the ground please get them dewormed twice a year.

How to get rid of them: Trip to the vet. Cement floors will prevent the problem completely.

Mites & Insects in the Nest
What they are: Blood-sucking mites, bothersome ants, etc.

How to get rid of them: Mix a small dose of Sevin in with your pine shavings or whatever other nestbox material you use. Sevin is a product normally used to keep bugs off of plants and can be found at any local hardware store. It can also be used as a flea powder for dogs and cats. Make sure you buy the powder, not the liquid. Sevin is normally harmless to birds as long as not taken internally or placed in the eyes.

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