Handfeeding Ringnecks


I do have a question re: handfeeding. This is my first experience with a ringneck. She is almost 7 wks. old and not wanting formula anymore. I have had her on three feedings a day but it`s really beginning to be a battle to get her to eat it. I also keep small dishes of cooked mixed veg. in front of her along with zupreme and give her small amounts of veg. muffins as well as the sweet rice pudding muffins. I know she eats some of each but I never am able to feel anything in her crop. So my question is do the ringnecks try to wean early? I guess I just expected her to be like my sun conure, he was 11 wks. before I got him down to just his night feeding.


Weaning is never at a wrong time as long as it's done at the bird's own pace. In fact I've never really bothered to look up weaning times on the species I own- there's no need, the chicks tell you. If your baby is refusing formula and picking at food it's definately weaning time. You can check every day to see if it's eaten any food by lifting or blowing the feathers out of the way over the crop (they eat so little at first it's hard to feel). Chicks should be weaned to every food possible including both pellets and seed. It's also easier for chicks to learn if they have another bird to mimic but this is not necessary.

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