Twisted Toe


I am a new mom of a 8wk old green cheek, also a 5 wk old tiel, they are doing very well, I think, eating well, the green cheek is very close to going to one feed hes eating a lot of cockatiel food, the tiel has a ways to go, my concern (today) is I was fooling with her today she hasnt quite started perching yet but she will perch on ur finger close to you, gripping tightly well i noticed her toe all the way to the inside on her right foot the nail is turned up, pointing up in the air instead of down around my finger now i took her off of one hand to the other to be sure she was just not positioned wrong, please tell me whats wrong and what needs to be done about it. thank you for any help


Is the toenail itself growing up instead of down or is the toe just "bent" the wrong way? Baby feet are pretty flexible and often the toes curl in odd positions but start to straighten up once the bird begins to perch regularly. With birds that never perch (my crippled kak as an example) often the toes remain curled in weird positions.

Follow Up Letter

thanks for responding and yes it was a false alarm, she was perching better at home but since i brought her home with me she wasnt and has just started again, this morning i noticed she will just have it turned wrong and i help her fix it, so thanks so much.

Feisty Feathers
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