Cats and Kakarikis


I have a cat and a dog, the cat is declawed. I know Kaks love to be in the center of everything so I can't bear the the thought of not leaving mine in the living room. If I have a cat proof cage, should this be okay? What about letting the bird out, as long as there is close supervision is this okay also? Should I purchase a play stand for the bird?


Birds and cats are a big no-no. Even if yours is declawed it could still injure your kak by biting it, stepping on it or banging the the cage around. Cats like small, fast moving objects and a kak would certainly entice it. If you decide to keep your kak in the living room hang the cage from the ceiling and make sure there is no furniture close by. Lock your cat up when the bird is out (on a playstand if you wish, but don't expect the kak to stay there). Your dog may or may not be okay around the bird. Some dogs may try to play with or step on a bird while others will just sniff and ignore it. My sister's sheltie is fine with birds but your dog may not be. A larger or more hyper dog would probably be a greater danger. Both cats and dogs carry bacteria that can be fatal to birds so keeping your kak away from claws, teeth and not sharing food/water sources is very important.

Feisty Feathers
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