Lovebird Toebiting


I had a single socialized LB for a few months before getting a pair of siblings just after the beginning of the year. Larry at first (after incubation period, of course) was ok with both of them when I put them out together on the playpen. Then Larry decided that Moe was his/her best friend and Curly had to go! Toe bite/vet visit/etc. We saved the toe and now, months later, Praise God, a nail is appearing! One other time when out, Larry made his way over to the other cage and got another nip at Phoebe's toe. Ouch! So, consequently, Moe and Curly are together when in or out of cage. Larry must be separated. My question is this: can I allow Larry to spend play time with Moe and then separate them for living conditions? Will they be frustrated by playing together/bonding and then being separated? Just would like Larry to be able to play with another of his own kind.


You can let Larry play together with Moe and keep them in seperate cages. This shouldn't cause either bird to become frustrated. Remember to let Moe and Curly have time out together too. You can also move both cages close together so everyone can see each other and chat when you're away. Just make sure they can't get to each other's toes! Another possibility would be to move Moe in with Larry (watch for territorial aggression) and get a new playmate for Curly, preferably a baby that wouldn't boss her around. Good luck!

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