Epileptic Bird?


I have a red-front Kak, 7 months old. I received him from a friend of mine when he was approx.. 6 to 8 weeks old. The day before I was to bring him home, he experienced what I would call a "spell" (disorientated, absolutely lost all functions to walk, fly etc.) This continues to happen to him quite regularly. His last two episodes were the most extreme.... to the point where I thought he was dying. His whole body just went totally limp, his eyes were glazed over, unresponsive to everything, totally lifeless). I picked him up, and securely held him close to my chest. I continuously kept talking to him, stroked his head gently, gave him kisses etc...all the very things you would do to comfort a child actually. It took approx.. 2 hours for him to regain his energy and return back to his regular self again. Being new with birds like I am...this is really a concern to me and I don't see this as a normal. So far, I've been lucky to have been around during each of these episodes and have been able to aide him through this. Actually the "father" had the same kind of "spells" as well.

I've been told, its because of stress? weakness in the heart? Any suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated....he has been a wonderful member in our family and love him to pieces...I need some sort of direction though.


As a fairly new bird owner you need to start learning as much about birds as possible. One of the best sources to get all the basic bird information is Bird Talk magazine. Be careful of the bird books out there on the market. Many of them carry bad information and are severely outdated (like first published before I was born).

It sounds as if your bird is having siezures and may be epileptic. You need to get him to an avian vet as soon as possible to diagnose what's causing it. An avian vet might be able cure the problem if it is caused by an infection or something. If it's a genetic disorder he/she can tell you the best way to deal with the episodes when they happen and perhaps perscribe some medication to help prevent the siezures. Epilepsy can become worse due to stress but this is not the cause. Please get the little guy checked out as soon as possible.

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