Cinnamon Kaks, Lifespan


Just got my first pair from a breeder in Lafayette, LA. Now that I've had them for about a month, I to have come to enjoy them immensly. They are very active and do not stay still very long. The male is typical, but the female is a much lighter green. The breeder called it "Cinnamon". Is there a cinnamon or lighter green in this species? Her markings are all typical and the red typical. They are about 5-6 mos. old and understand they begin to breed early, because their lifespan is short, 5-6years. Is this true? So far, what I've read, is to the contrary.


Yes there is a cinnamon mutation. Normal kaks are a bright, bold green while cinnamons are more of a sickly pea soup color. I personally don't find them very attractive. There are also pieds and lutinos, which cost considerably more. The pieds usually go for a few hundred and I've seen lutinos (usually imported from Europe) for $1000 a pair.

I've heard their lifespan is about 10 years but I suspect they could live to 20 if well taken care of. Breeding can sometimes start as early as 6 months but this is NOT advised. Always wait until they are at least a year old to prevent complications such as egg binding and infertility.

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