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Crazy CornCrazy Corn gets the Feisty Seal of Approval There are a lot of feeds out there that are overpriced and advertised as having all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Crazy Corn is worth every penny. All my birds get breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is always something other than what's normally in their cage (seed or pellets). Most of the time it's Crazy Corn. This is a dry mix you cook up once and then freeze into ice cube trays. Then you can defrost as many cubes as you need. One package can make about 2 lbs of food. My birds eat twice as much Crazy Corn in the breeding season. They love it! I haven't met a bird yet that refused to eat it. Crazy Corn comes in 5 mixes: Original Corn Bean Mix, Noodles-N-Nuts, Rainforest Rice Puddin', Kung Fu Yum and PollyPasta.

Kaytee Kaytee gets the Feisty Seal of Approval Personally I stay away from all brand name seed mixes. They're just too expensive (it's only seed!) so I can't tell you anything about Kaytee's seed mixes. I do buy their pellets though. Kaytee Exact Rainbow, cockatiel size, to be precise. I also use their handfeeding formula. I've found Kaytee to be available in most stores and birds may be easier to convert to their colorful rainbow pellets.

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