How to Spot a Bird Person

1. The inevitable bird poop they missed on their clothes.

2. Holes in the shoulders of their shirts.

3. Seed sprouting out of their sink drain.

4. They try to speak "bird" when talking to other animals.

5. They call parakeets "budgies."

6. Whenever they see a new pet store they have to go inside.

7. When they meet someone named Alex they say "Just like the African grey!"

8. They recycle paper yet they don't have any in the basket on the curb on trash day.

9. They spend most of their time at an aquarium staring at the cuttlefish.

10. Their photo album contains more pictures of the family birds than of people.

11. They correct anyone who says "birdbrain" or "eats like a bird."

12. They don't wear much jewelry.

Feisty Feathers
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